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Heat Profile Sunray ™ Radiant Coving Heating

Heat Profile’s unique sunray ™ coving offers the same technical advantage’s and heat source options as Heat Profile skirting, but with additional aesthetic and practical advantages. Heat Profile sunray ™ is the worlds only heated coving system and is the ideal alternative to low surface temperature (LST) heating systems.

Unique benefits of Heat Profile Sunray ™

  • Attractive coving system suitable for any building
  • Totally safe and tamper proof when used in homes or other buildings accommodating the young, elderly, infirmed or people in secure environments
  • Ideal solution in buildings where floor and wall space is cluttered or restricted.
Heat Profile Crossflow ™ Perimeter heating

As per Heat Profile’s Heat profile skirting, Crossflow ™ also offers the same technical and heat source advantages.

Heat Profile crossflow is a low surface temperature (LST) heating system which produces a warm directional airflow to eliminate condensation and down drafts at windows and doorways.

Heat Profile Crossflow ™ has a number of variations which are outlined in our brochure.

  • Heat Profile crossflow is used at window sills, thresholds and as a dado rail
  • Benefits of Heat Profile crossflow multi-purpose heating system.
  • Attractive alternative to conventional trench heating
  • Energy efficient directional airflow
  • Low surface temperature (maximum 50°)
  • Eliminates condensation and down drafts at windows and glazed doors
  • Suitable for residential, commercial and public buildings
Heat Profile Florline Heating

Heat profile’s Heat Profile Florline has similar application sand features to the Crossflow heating. Heat Profile FlorLine is a threshold and in floor heating system. Heat Profile FlorLine heaters have perforated removable covers.Standard finish is brushed stainless steel but polyester powder coat is also available to special order.

Heat Profile FlorLine is ideal for use at patio doors, full height glazing or within floor areas when wall space is not available.

Benefits of Heat Profile FlorLine Heating

  • Eliminates condensation and downdrafts
  • Cost effective alternative to trench heating
  • Low surface temperature
  • Strong and durable
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